Start Up Business Opportunities – Low Risk and Low Start Up Costs

Many turn their noses up at the concept of “Residual Income”.  With the shrinking real estate footprint retail model and e-Commerce certainly here to stay, Social Commerce is more opportunistic than ever before as long as the products and individuals you work with are credible and honest.  Virtual franchising is a very real opportunity to not only defray risk, but to leverage compensation plans for those that are willing to use and share select products.  Direct Selling is a big business and should be considered by any business minded individual.

While some people cringe when they hear Direct Selling Businesses, the world has changed and Warren Buffet (Pampered Chef) and many other successful investors will tell you that leverage works.  Products or services must be sold for compensation to be earned so the days of pyramid schemes are gone and the FTC regulates the Direct Selling Industry with great scrutiny.  Incomes are not guaranteed and of course, you do need to be willing to work as most things in life.


1) Targeted Skin – utilize genetic testing to develop a personalized skin care regimen that uses optimized ingredients and unique product formulations targeted to your genetic blueprint.

2) Isagenix International – Health & Wellness Line offering:

Weight Loss, Health Aging, Energy and Performance, Wealth Creation.

Disclosure: David Seay is a representative for these companies and can be reached at 843-364-6720.

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