Are you buying real estate in 2015?
Are you buying real estate in 2015?

Who’s buying real estate this year?  That is an important question to ask yourself.  Rarely do I think I want to move, but funny how hoisting Christmas decorations into the attic makes me think about what “the next house” might look like.   Ever done that?  I picked out a few things, especially as I find some maintenance items I need to deal with.  Hey, that is just life, but my point is, we don’t make these decisions over night.  They take time and they take plans not only for our primary dwellings, but especially for investment or business real estate.

Real estate has good long term appreciation when it is bought right.  Well, we all wish we would buy right so what does that mean really?  It means that we need to think twice so to speak and make sure that we really know what we are getting into because we can’t sell real estate like a stock.  All basic stuff, but like anything the application of such is the proving ground for good decisions.

Hey, I love this business.  Point blank, I study it and jump out of bed each day to do it.

If real estate is on your horizon this year, let’s put you in the best position for an informed decision.  Measure twice, cut once.

All my current inventory can be found on my site at as well as the commercial and residential MLS, but I do have some off market and confidential real estate and businesses for sale so contact me if you want to discuss what you are trying to accomplish.  Of course, all our discussions are confidential.


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