Too often in life we short change ourselves with goal planning.  Even those that take the time to goal plan have another common failure….something I like to call “Application Fail”.  If you don’t plan, don’t expect success.  Sometimes success will fall into your lap and God bless you, but for the typical mortal, success is a choice that takes time and active thought.  There is much more to it, but Twitter has trained us for 140 characters so let me be brief.

Seay Development Real Estate & Business Brokerage 843-364-6720
Seay Development Real Estate & Business Brokerage 843-364-6720

12% of Americans will fail on New Year’s Resolutions.  Only 50% will actually make resolutions.  Why is this finding you today?  Because you are getting ready to get busy.  Busy with T-Day, etc. so carve out time on your agenda right now for a personal retreat.  It can be 2-4 hours and you likely waste that amount of time on something silly.

Application Fail is real.  Even when you write down your goals, you are still not likely to follow through and that is the take away.  How about follow through.  What a profound concept that we all take the time to examine our lives and then build our goals accordingly and thus build the systems to achieve them.

Top performers are not born, they are molded and most have drive.

Apply success by planning for success and then having the dedication to execute.

Here ends the rah, rah.

Prove me wrong and overcome the odds that say that you will simply read this and do nothing.

If you think you want to invest in real estate, you better make moves.  You better educate yourself.  You better understand what you are doing.

Many have died to give us the freedom of choice.

David Seay, CCIM, BIC


Everyday in every way, let’s get better and better.


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