Millennials are making the market move….sideways? SHARE from by Seay Development Real Estate

You better make an effort to try and understand the “Millennial” Generation because they will impact brands, sales and the real estate industry.

Less and less strive for home ownership according to the National Association of Realtors, but the trends are even more impactful.  Multi-Family Developers are licking their chops at this generation of even lifetime rent payers.  Smaller floor plans, more efficiency in a dwelling… all worthy of taking not.  I think I have figured it out so call for discussion, but take a look at Dionne Searcey’s article below to form your own opinion.

We know the boom is here, but the sonic youth boom is here as well.  Oh and BTW, if you are a Millennial and looking for work, I have just the gig for you.

“But now marketers, manufacturers and retailers are recognizing the group’s potential as something important to their bottom line: the consumers who will drive the economy in the decades ahead.

Leslie Coronel shopping online in her dorm room at Amherst. CreditKatherine Taylor for The New York Times
Since the 1960s — the era of “Mad Men” — the baby boom generation, born between 1946 and 1964, has dominated corporate strategies behind selling nearly everything. Still constituting one-fourth of the nation’s population, baby boomers created an economy fueled by credit cards and trips to shopping malls as they came of age in a time of relative affluence. For all the rebelliousness of the ’60s and early ’70s, most ended up buying houses in the suburbs, eating at fast-food restaurants, and acquiring spacious minivans and S.U.V.s despite having relatively small families.”

Read the article here:

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